Southwest Foodservice Excellence, LLC

Investment Year: July 2017
Industry Vertical: Education Services; Outsourced Business Services
Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ
CEO: Monty Staggs

SFE was founded in 2004 by two industry veterans and has grown steadily with its focus on student nutrition, affordability and a higher level of service to school districts. SFE provides outsourced foodservice to K-12 schools across 14 states and 120+ school districts across the United States. SFE’s takes a culinary-first approach in its menu development and offering. Service and quality remains at the center of SFE’s orientation. SFE serves districts in the Southwest, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast of the United States. SFE acquired OrganicLife (“OL”) in September 2018, a highly entrepreneurial and leading brand in K-12 foodservice based in Chicago, IL. OL is a leading service provider in the Midwest.

Harkness Investment in SFE:

SFE has a resilient business model with strong recurring revenue. It is a platform that can be scaled efficiently to capture the growth opportunity within the outsourced K-12 foodservice market. HCP is highly supportive of SFE’s strong value proposition to its customers and its commitment to student nutrition, affordability and service. SFE is growing rapidly and Harkness’ investment has been in support of adding additional resources to activities such as sales, customer service and IT.