Capital Pump & Equipment LLC

Investment Year: August 2022
Industry Vertical: Specialty Rental
Headquarters: Chandler, AZ
CEO: Tom Henderson

Capital Pump & Equipment (“CPE”) is a leading specialty pump rental and service platform in the southwestern United States. Founded in 2013 by Tom Henderson and based in Chandler, AZ, the Company’s equipment for rent includes large pumps, fusion machines, liquid holding tanks, back-up generators, and other related equipment (pipes, fittings, etc.). CPE has long standing relationships with large contractors and industrial customers managing infrastructure and large construction projects, industrial companies (e.g., mining), and municipalities.

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Harkness Investment in CPE:

The HCP team has significant experience in specialty rental as both investors and operators. HCP partnered with Tom Henderson, Dan Foley, and management to support CPE’s key growth initiatives, including geographic expansion, additional fleet investment, and growing CPE’s value-added service capabilities.