Homestyle Direct, LLC

Investment Year: March 2021
Industry Vertical: Outsourced Business Services
Headquarters: Twin Falls, ID
CEO: Jeff Barteau

Homestyle Direct (“HSD”) was founded in 1997 by Mariann and Robert Griffith. The Company is a leading provider of in-home meal delivery to individuals primarily participating in Medicaid and expanding to other adjacent markets.  HSD delivers meals directly to the home for over 10,000 members in over 24 states.  HSD focuses on delivering high quality food, and exceptional customer service.  All meals are tailored to meet the specific medical and nutritional needs and conditions of each individual. HSD has a wide variety of menu choices to meet specific medical needs, all valued cost-effectively to its members and healthcare partners.

Harkness Investment in HSD:

The HCP team has significant experience in both foodservice and healthcare services as both investors and operators. HCP partnered with Robert and Mariann Griffith and management to support HSD’s key growth initiatives, including expansion of the existing production and manufacturing capabilities. HCP will be a resource to management in further developing a sales strategy and expanding into adjacent markets beyond Medicaid.